Construction: Embracing Future Industries/Construction.

Construction: Embracing Future Industries/Construction.

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   "'On roofing we have learned things like an Apex which is the highest point in a roof,'  "Tomorrow we will learn about the benefits of using heavy-gauge steel, Steel lasts much longer than timber,"

  “So, my fellow friends, to make roofs that last, don't use timber, use ultra-span heavy-gauge steel instead,"

One of TWOW students and beneficiary, Gertrude.

One of the key means that TWOW Africa Foundation has successfully created as a value is dialogue. It is a key platform we are using for the transformation of the African continent. The other underutilized resource is the empowerment of women. Gifts and talents normally go untapped and wasted most of the time, and therefore there is need to tap into this resource. We also are involving various partners and stakeholders in the discussions and dialogue on matters of change and other issues of African Leadership and for the success of the empowerment programs we are running. Through dialogue, TWOW fulfills the call through collaboration for greatness to create impact and efficiency.

TWOW foundation partnered with the National Construction Authority (NCA), and other development partners to organize a week-long workshop in Nairobi, Kibera where more than 400 women learned and gained skills in various fields of construction carpentry, masonry, roofing, which are mostly viewed as male jobs. TWOW nurtures skills and capacities for women in the construction sector to empower them to take up wealth and job creation opportunities in this growing sector.

 For women to be empowered, they must overcome certain challenges like stereotypes and cultural beliefs. For instance, they have maintain or present themselves to their family members or to the wider society. Women at the grassroots most of the time operate in unfavorable environments or deal with certain perceptions, for example, construction jobs or most blue-collar jobs are preserves of the male domain. Despite the gains we have made in our democracy, women empowerment has still made little progress since there are stigmas on certain professions perceived as male-dominated.
Over-time, the women have proved themselves and are continuing to make efforts to try and close the gap in the fields of  Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Manufacturing, Clothing and Textile, Value Addition, Technology and Education and other sectors thanks to similar initiatives and training programs TWOW Africa foundation is giving. We have witnessed the results of our training programs. Most of them are passionate and willing to learn under the programs. This gives them the opportunity to harness their potential. It is becoming harder for most women to operate in unprofitable businesses or depend on small unfavorable wages for their livelihoods in harsh-economic times. TWOW foundation capitalizes on women-empowerment by training women with skills that they can use to change their personal circumstances and environment in-turn transforming their communities. As they embrace and follow through the programs, they focus on taking other jobs or breaking barriers, they also focus on helping and empowering themselves. Through commitment, high-participation and positive response to our programs, they are presented the opportunity to come on-board and be part of our initiative to gain skills, which will help them venture into Future Industries  (Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Manufacturing, Clothing and Textile, Value Addition, Technology and Education) thereby becoming marketable.