What the Timeless Women in Leadership Mentors Do

What the Timeless Women in Leadership Mentors Do

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Mentorship comes in many flavors. Although for it to work out leaders must bear in mind a couple of principles. As we agree and disagree on different levels, a diversity of dialogue starts within the individuals. Effective leaders have a quality to help others do and achieve extra qualities, more than what they think they can’t achieve. Successful leadership is about achieving results. To deliver larger and better things is a challenge. Many have the leadership qualities and skills, the hands on but the harder part lies within leading yourself as an individual effectively, and creating your own self-awareness. The Timeless Women in leadership faculty believes in navigating past the horizon into new frontiers of women leadership from a personal to an organizational realm, helping them walk with those that have walked the leadership journey before.   
Trying to do extraordinary things as a leader is difficult. Trying to figure out them alone is even more challenging. That’s the reason great leaders always have mentors, and after a while they mentor upcoming leaders. Despite your level of competitiveness, success is usually a team effort. The purpose timeless mentorship offers corporate governance as a course is to facilitate a platform where future leaders can gain entrepreneurship and prudent management skills that can deliver to them long-term success whether it is on a personal level, organizational or company. Timeless mentorship faculty have recognized the need to use their value and role in ensuring a robust leadership development program in an increasingly complex world. Developing future leaders to succeed has become necessary to maintain long-term organizational sustainability.    

Over the past years the Timeless Women of wonder faculty have been researching how leaders can have better judgement to develop their skills and qualities bearing in mind the changing, more diverse, complex, and highly technological advanced work environment. Having worked closely with over 50 of the most admired leaders across various fields, construction, agribusiness, green energy, business and even government, one important characteristic stands out; they do everything possible to imprint, the values into others, into ways others perceive themselves as full version clones of themselves. To express this in another way, they practice a form of leadership that thinks less about creating followers and more about creating other new leaders. How do they achieve it? 
Putting the relationship before, the mentorship

Many times, too often, mentorship can evolve in the “check-box” procedure instead of an authentic and relationship driven procedure. For mentorship to succeed there needs to be a baseline-chemistry between mentors and mentees. Research has shown that even the best fit mentoring programs are no substitute for the genuine, intercollegiate mentorship relationship. It propels people to break from normal fitting roles (boss-employee etc) and find common as mentorship-pairs.

Focus on character should supersede competency

Many mentorship programs focus their training around job acquisition skills. A critical element involved in mentoring is mastering the necessary competencies for a given position. But best mentorship entails going beyond competency, helping to shape other people’s character, values, self-awareness, empathy and capacity for respect. They understand in the long-haul, there is a certain hard-truth about soft matters and these values based qualities matter more than skill enhancement.         

The best of mentors always try not to override the dreams of their mentees. For instance, if a leader and a role description isn’t a good match, or an ambitious leader has limited mobility upwards in his company, a good mentor will always help others move on to a new role within the same organization or devote him to a new different path elsewhere. At the highest point, mentorship is about having the right leaders, individuals who are committed to helping others become the fuller version of themselves.