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About The TWOW Community

The TWOW Community is a Platform of like-minded women of all ages, cultures & backgrounds forming a global movement of positive action and change in all areas of life. TWOW’s strong and dynamic network (of professionals, leaders, influencers, activators, community champions, opinion shapers, businesswomen, industry players, academia, educators, legislators and researchers) enables the TWOW Community to create enabling environments for women to grow as well as draw the right resources, partners and stakeholders that women require to maximize their potential in their spheres of influence and areas of calling.

The TWOW Community comprises of :

  • Women above 18 years from all over the African continent of different backgrounds & cultures.
  • International women who have a passion for Africa & want to connect with Africa in their journey of growth and transformation.
  • Men who are champions and bridges for Women.
  • Organizations who work in/with Africa and whose Vision aligns with that of TWOW
  • Governments & Regional bodies who are engaged with TWOW’s vision and initiatives.

The TWOW Community Members will enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities to learn, connect, network, share knowledge and experiences, explore, travel, trade, skill up, scale up, shape up, position globally, have fun & Impact their world.

TWOW Value System - Community Members will embrace the TWOW Value System of
  • Friendship
  • Dynamism
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Transformation
  • Abundance

Building a lasting legacy is essential to the DNA of each community member.

As Members interact and engage with TWOW Community Leads, they steadily develop a culture of

  • Innovative thinking
  • Being action oriented
  • Driving Solutions rather than being stuck on the problem
  • Collaborating for greatness and
  • Mentoring for the future.


The Community has 4 categories of Membership :
  • Women
  • Men
  • Partners (organizations)
  • Stakeholders (governments, regional bodies and agencies)

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Eligibility per 2.1.iii

Men who are believers in Women, who understand the importance of diversity and inclusion for development and those who are instrumental in influencing for women’s inclusion, unlocking opportunities for women, breaking barriers and building bridges.

Cost : Ksh 10,000 / $100 per year
Benefits :

  • Profiling in All TWOW publications, events, forums, platforms
  • Opportunity to impact the future
  • Become a TWOW Men Champion

Eligibility per 2.1.iv

Organizations that are working towards positively transforming Africa and whose visions aligns with that of TWOW. These organizations are committed to the inclusion of women in the implementation of their agenda’s and objectives. They also understand the importance of diversity and the participation of both genders to achieve the results and impact they are seeking.

Cost : Ksh 100,000 / $ 10,000 per year.
Benefits :

  • Organization’s Brand inclusion on all TWOW materials, publications, events, platforms and programs
  • Effective collaboration for greater impact of both organizations
  • Participation and inclusion ( as fit for both parties ) in TWOW events, programs, shows, publications
  • Support towards a key area of focus for the organization, hence transforming lives and communities
  • Greater awareness of the organization brand locally, nationally, regionally and internationally
  • Increased Feel good factor and Brand Endearment associated with the organization

Stakeholders will gain membership through a partnership agreement or Memorandum of Understanding that is geared towards

  • Providing a shared solution
  • Technical support
  • Enabling Policy formulation, reviews and enhancements
  • Supporting TWOW Operational services
  • Giving time or volunteering services
  • Linkages and support for TWOW Programs
  • Symbiotic synergies between the organizations