Torch Bearer

This is our third pillar and is one of the key strategies for Africa’s transformation. Timeless Entrepreneurship Pillar is about Timeless Engagement for Economic Prosperity in Africa. More than 70% of the world’s youth will be in Africa between the years 2040-2050, it is therefore imperative that Africa must move into manufacturing and industrialization. We also have to create more enterprises do that we can create jobs and generate wealth for the continent. When we look at the statistics of value generated from global investments, the return of investments in the east and the west is quickly declining therefore it is now obvious to the world that the highest return of the investment lies in Africa.

The factors of Production (land, labor, capital and others) are readily available in Africa and that offers Africa an opportunity to position itself to be the next frontier. We require the leaders of Africa together with global partners to come together to unlock the potential of Africa focusing on end-to-end sourced markets. It will open models that guarantee maximized outputs, values and return. For this reason, TWOW will be contributing towards this development agenda by empowering and supporting women in industries and enterprise to develop skill and produce manufacturing market. Women have the potential to move their business from cottage Industries to full blown industries. TWOW together with its stake holders will be developing projects that meet this end to end objectives.


The color green represents fruitfulness, fertility, productivity and wealth. The future of Africa’s economic and social growth lies primarily in entrepreneurship. Africa's earth is ready to produce its fruit with its vast array of arable land. We see food security becoming a reality in our continent - Africa turns and remains green for generations to come. Opportunities to feed the world will also secure the world and deliver economic growth for Africa. Our people now have the opportunity to innovate, create and unlock their potential to carry Africa into her next level of prosperity and fruitfulness .  


To Develop a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to unlock the potential of Africa's natural and human resources. 


 To implement programs and initiatives that will:
  • Impart through training and capacity building - business skills, industry knowledge, technical expertise, business exposure and market linkages for women and youth of Africa in an inclusive manner.
  • Provide industry and business mentor-ship for youth and women.
  • Build businesses for women and create wealth and jobs.

1. Timeless Innovation Center
2. Women in Enterprise and Industry