UNVEILING HER STAR, WOMEN IN FUTURE INDUSTRIES (Building sustainable enterprises for women in the grassroots )

UNVEILING HER STAR, WOMEN IN FUTURE INDUSTRIES (Building sustainable enterprises for women in the grassroots )

  • Start Date: 26th Jun 2017
  • End Date: 30th Jun 2017
  • Location: Kibera
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TWOW Inspires and equips women to be change agents of transformation in their families, communities, countries and continent. We work in collaboration with Governments, Development agencies, Private sector and like minded individuals to deploy innovative and practical learning solutions for women with men at the centre. Our approach guarantees inclusion of all women- young, old, people living with disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, Survivors of gender based violence. We also involve men in all spheres of influence to foster cohesion within the communities as well as unlocking their support for the sustainability of women's empowerment


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3 months after the February conference (June 2015), We formed teams and strategic partnerships to implement the key strategies one of which focused on Skills development for women in the construction sector. Through interactions with women leaders at the grass roots, we identified one of the largest slums in east and central Africa – KIBERA Slums and inspired the women on the ground to try something new. This was about the hardest hurdle we needed to overcome.   They had a low level of trust for us, they were used to handouts and free giveaways, they had a low level of self-confidence and a high sense of hopelessness – it was hard for them to understand us when we said – “We are not here to give you fish but to teach you how to catch fish that will last all your life and pass on to the next generation” – CEO Munyeki Nyakan explained “well, almost 80% of the women left. We were left with about 320 women who decided to give this plan a try.

Before we could embark on the program, we had to tackle mindsets on the ground. First overcoming self, then began driving the technical sessions. Each participant of the program had to choose their specific areas of interest. The program was themed as ‘Unveiling her star’ for these women expressed passion for the topics we had revealing the potential that needed to be unlocked.   We had to bring on-board several high-value partners in the field of charity and those leading high profile companies within the construction industry (cement, roofing, and paint factories) to provide their technical expertise to more than 320 women in construction skills.

 The first cohort of women received their training on 4th Dec 2015 that is five months after inception. The 320 women in the end graduated and were accredited with various certifications from a collaborative effort sponsored by TWOW and the National Construction Authority (NCA). These certifications will give them the required  recognition to help them secure jobs anywhere in the country in their fields of accreditation. The next step we did was roll out an assimilation program and commitment through our collaborative efforts with the government, to absorb these women in active sectors in the field of construction through jobs and business opportunities