Timeless women in Leadership and Enterprise Mentorship Program

Timeless women in Leadership and Enterprise Mentorship Program

Category : Twile Mentorship Published : 12th Sep 2017

Timeless women of wonder's vision is inspired women for a prosperous Africa. The purpose of the mission is empower women to fulfill their potential through collaborative partnerships. Women are making significant strides, but yet still much needs to be done across the spectrum of various leadership spheres (Political, Business, Corporate, Development, and Public Sector. This sphere is where women face barriers through their journey in leadership. At the spheres of leadership there is much to be learned within their areas of influence and mentor-ship is the desired approach for their development as they step into higher levels of leadership. Timeless Women of Wonder through its holding organization Timeless Dynamic runs the mentor-ship program for the women who want to move into the next level in their areas of influence. The Women have privilege to undergo an eight and a half months training & mentor-ship programs with technical experts and captains of various industries engaging them in their areas of influence.The program has one focus in mind, to Equip women in leadership to become Transformational leaders who will drive social change through Value based relationships and action.

How the program works

Mentorship is a process for the formal transmission of knowledge and a term that is gaining acceptance fast today. It is a process where a more experienced person helps a less experienced person through a relationship of personal development. If implemented correctly, mentorship creates improvement in knowledge sharing, leadership growth and succession planning. TWOW Mentorship Programs helps in building a dynamic community of leaders while guaranteeing that each individual achieves success in their spheres of influence. Research has shown that quality mentoring or professional partnerships has positive effects on mentees. Fellows can call on the mentors to guide them through their  paths to leaderships, helping them make difficult decisions. Timeless women of wonder foundation offers women mentorship in two modes; formal and informal mentorship. However, formal mentoring comes with much more benefits. 

 TWILE has established a formal mentoring approach for the following reasons: 

1.          Informal mentoring leaves too much to chance, and people fall between the cracks 
2.          Existing data shows young female professionals are more likely than male colleagues to leave their position voluntarily 
3.          Male professionals more likely than their female counterparts to find role models   

TWOW's formal mentorship program has guidelines and structures to it as it offers a focused approach to the mentee's growth. The relationship lasts a finite period of time (usually from 9-12 months) and is focused on specific objectives. Most often, the mentor is selected for the mentee based upon compatibility between the profiles of the mentor and mentees in conjunction with the specific goals of the program. The mentors are always interested in the overall positive outcome. Such characteristics means the mentees can confide and be mentored on various topics

A number of high level mentors have already been identified for the program. Upon Program Signup, the list of mentors will be shared with the registered participants and each participant will be allowed to undergo a Mentor matching process.

During the 9 month program, forged partnerships between the mentors and mentees must adhere to laid down guiding principles to achieve the expected success with the focal point being understanding the development needs and strengths of the mentees. This is done with the aim of understanding and exploring ways mentors can help the mentees achieve their development goals. The other benefit is access to materials for learning, resources and laboratory facilities. It is within this structure also that feedback skills of the fellows are sharpened to enable them have the confidence to put difficult issues that need to be tackled on the table for discussion. Mentors, as well are required to be an inspiration, to give positive feedback where required, share success stories, etc. They are also required to be open to questions from their associated fellows.The Program will be divided into Core & Technical Sessions with Mentorship taking place throughout the entire cycle of the program.

Mentorship Programs Resources:

Mentorship Topics Outline

The  will be attended by ALL participants and will cover the following:

•     Transformational Leadership 
•     Economic & Social Transformation
•     Stewardship of Resources 
•     Governance & Ethics 
•     Your personal Brand and Communication
•     Equipping you to Lead 
•     Your Legacy
•     Practical Networking & Deal Making (Women Sensitive approach)

The Mentorship is designed to deliver the following benefits to the participants of the program;

• Access to a support system during critical stages of the leadership development
• A relevant insider’s perspective on navigating the leadership journey
• Technical & Strategic insights into the participants Expectations
• Exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
• Identification of skills gaps
• Practical exposures and simulations


• Trustworthiness        Trust is an important foundation for a mentor-ship relationship. The pair undertaking the mentor-ship relationship can share their successes, mistakes and failures.  The relationship is only as good as the trust shared by the mentor and the mentee. Other values such as discretion and following through on commitments is dependent on the trust built between them.

• Visible Listening      Self Awareness is a great asset to an individual, and mentorship can be the only tool that can practically make one self-aware. 
• Practical Implementation      The mentorship pair has to keep a balance between dreams and living in the current reality. Focus on practical examples of goal achievement or non-achievement. They are given the opportunity to differentiate tangible outcomes from the meetings 
• Supportiveness      The pair is advised consistently to focus on how they can help each other to be more effective as a result of the relationship


Our electronic world is making it easier and easier for people when not geographically close to one another to communicate. This has many advantages for mentoring pairs who would not have been able to enter into mentoring relationships in the past. Technology has made it possible to eliminate such challenges, and it has enabled mentorship pairs to be constantly in contact with one another. 

Overall Objective: 
To Equip women in leadership to become Transformational Leaders who will drive social change through Value based relationships and Action.

• Goal of the Program :
* Multiplication of value based and transformative women leaders in Africa
* Equipping Leaders to build a prosperous and inclusive society

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will:
• Have leadership skills and tools to build successful businesses and careers
• Become impact oriented with focus on their own growth and successes as well as impact on those around them
• Be part of a Large Network of High Profle Individuals providing continuous support and growth opportunities
• Gain Recognition as leaders in their space
• Become part of the pool of Multiplication of value based and transformative women
leaders in Africa.

As individuals climb the ladder and gain more power in an organization, it becomes easier to forget what it was like at the bottom. Mentoring someone can keep your ever-important listening skills sharp — a crucial tool for making your top talent feel valued.

                                           “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
                                                     The superior teacher demonstrates.
                                                            The great teacher inspires.”
                                                                 William Arthur Ward

Program is Exclusive and Mentorship pairing will be done prior to start of program and will be done on first come first served basis.