Timeless Celebration and Recognition

The Timeless Celebration & Recognition Pillar is about celebrating Africa’s milestones and achievements as well as Awarding women from all over the continent who are creating impact in their spheres of influence. Many a time, we strive to achieve that BIF sometimes off yonder BIG GOAL that sometimes just never comes… we end up in a drudgery mode trying to chase the break and waiting an entire lifetime to be celebrated. No wonder we sometimes get TIRED with life. We at TWOW, believe that when we celebrate our milestones, both big and small, from where we are, we create a culture of appreciating our small and big breaks, we become a content people who value others and ourselves, we also become a happier people because we are not just waiting for the BIG BREAK to celebrate , we are conscious of our efforts on a day to day basis, we are deliberate about our  impact and we celebrate! Every year, we ensure we mix work and play by being part of at a 3 day international Timeless Women’s Leaders Forum that takes place every February. We convene leaders (male and female) from all over the world to:
  • Discuss opportunities for Africa’s growth, our role in achieving the same and practical steps to deploy to make it happen.
  • Showcase successes from all over the world in delivering solutions for social and economic challenges,
  • exchange knowledge and experiences with the aim of forging strategic alliances for building Africa through women,
  • Network to increase our influence and impact
  • Award & Recognize Timeless Leaders of Africa from diverse sectors and spheres of Influence. (Leaders who are creating lasting timeless impact from their spheres of influence).


Yellow represents Joy, Happiness, Clarity and Enlightenment.  We believe a happy nation is a productive nation. People have to make time to connect, impart good in others, learn, share and grow. Truly a happy time always at the Timeless Women’s Leaders Annual Conference


To create a platform for dialogue, strategic stakeholders and partners development, learning & sharing, Networking , Recognition & Award


To develop an action oriented culture of strategic analysis, reflection and development of actionable outcomes that lead to implementation of practical time bound solutions for challenges and opportunities for social and economic transformation of Africa.

    Timeless Women of Wonder Foundation (TWOW) is a subsidiary of Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd and is responsible for developing, designing and implementing initiatives that will include African women in the social and economic transformation of Africa and empower them to optimize their potential in the process.

    The platform brings together women from all over Africa and from all sectors to collaborate in the dialogue and development of solutions that will harness women's potential and contribute to the social and economic transformation of their communities, nation and continent. Through Timeless Dynamic Services Ltd’s annual forum “TIMELESS WOMEN’S CONFERENCE”, the women engage in dialogue on various issues pertinent to Africa's development and propose solutions that will scale impacts throughout Africa and enable women’s engagement and empowerment in the process of development.


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